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To celebrate more than three generations of committed graffiti writing practice and the release of his MontanaCans Icon Series can, we are proud to present the CANTWO Montana Icon Series can Pin-Set. The set boasts two classic CANTWO designs starting with the iconic "CANTWO" tag (50mm x 31mm) in gold and white, and a stylized mini spray can pin (20mm x 36mm) in black, white, and orange, featuring his historically re-occurring "X" symbol. Each pin is made of high-quality soft enamel and is fitted with two sturdy steel pins for secure fastening. The pins are able to be attached to clothing, jackets, bags, and other soft materials, and is prestigiously presented in a 100mm x 100mm x 30mm box, which itself is embellished with a golden "CANTWO" tag. JETZT VORBESTELLEN ! in Kürze lieferbar

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