Montana Street Life Cotton Bag design by Form76 - Black

Artikelnummer: MSF2018347

Die neueste der Montana Cotton Bags vom Hamburger Graffitikünstler FORM76. Tasche aus 100 % hochwertiger Baumwolle im Format 38 x 42 cm, Farbe Schwarz

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The Montana Limited Edition Cotton Bag series is not just a collection of well made bags. Helping you carry your cans, markers and shopping while being friendlier to the environment then plastic. With a long list of world respected feature artists these bags have also become pieces of collectable art, as each design is made in limited quantities. For the latest addition to the series, we are proud to announce the release of the FORMULA 76, "STREET LIFE" design. The design has been released in two versions. One on black (printed in white) and the reverse on white (printed in black). Formula 76 is a Hamburg based artist, designer and tattoo artist, member of the "Typeholics" design studio and part of the internationally respected graffiti crew, "Ultra Boys". FORM had no problem turning the 38cm x 42cm, 100% cotton substrate into one of his graffiti flavored, "must have", street smart designs.

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