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Montana BLACK ARTIST Edition Lugosis

Montana Black 400ml Spraydose 7130 LAMBRATE
Jetzt für kurze Zeit als LIMITED EDITION aus der Montana BLACK Artist Serie verfügbar
Artist: LUGO (JBCB)

3,60 €

Inkl. 19% MwSt.

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The artists in the Montana BLACK Limited Edition artist series cans are as unique as the cans themselves. Each artists has something special, or a special story to offer the series to the benefit of all those lucky people who are able to manage purchasing one or more of the range. For edition number 14. We were lucky to work with the Italian artists LUGO. Lugo has chosen his favourite color from the Montana BLACK range, Lambrate BLK 7130. And in true LUGO fashion there is also a hidden irony to this choice as the name Lambrate was chosen after the much beloved district of Lambrate in the Milano city outskirts. Lugo is no stranger to style and the street. As a tattoo artist and writer, he has his artwork covered on surfaces and people globally. Known for his humor, illustrative style and his rebellious tendencies, Lugo has a way of making you laugh and impressed at the same time. He is a quiet achiever whom pops up in all the right places. As a crew member of the JBCB crew, his artwork and personality has also become part of a wider audience as their artwork as a crew crosses all borders. If your not familiar with his work, you may not even have realised you’ve seen it before. Lugo is also the creator of the new Montana BLACK can boxes with his witty two story image that has brightened up warehouses, stores and homes all over the world. And if that isn’t enough, his images have also appeared on the Montana Cotton bags cruising across your city with a myriad of people carrying something valuable in style. Montana BLACK Artist series is a limited edition can – only while stock lasts! Can be ordered as color shade Montana BLACK BLK 7130 Lambrate - Only while stock lasts!


Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage

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